12 / 01 / 2016

Professional palettes that also appeal to consumers

Many professional users of cosmetic products require a large palette for ease of use. Palettes save on space and provide a simple way to keep a wide variety of complementary products together. Whether working at a professional salon, on a movie set, or at a runway show, professional make up artists need to have the best tools at their disposal, and in this case, the best make-up definitely requires the best packaging.

SPC's range of palettes, including DM1085A, are designed to offer professionals the very best usage under the least optimal conditions. They are easy to open and close and present a number of godet slots that companies can fill however they see fit. Made of durable ABS, the palettes are set to take a lot of punishment during transport in kit bags.

Consumers are also becoming big fans of palettes, enjoying the feeling of having a professional-level product in their hands combined with the convenience of having all their required products in once place. The market for palettes is growing as consumers discover that the matched colour combinations defined by firms make it easy for them to buy one item without having to think about mixing and matching several items on their own. Less time thinking about combining make-up means more time enjoying whatever event they'll be attending.

Palettes are a new and exciting way for companies to provide both professionals and consumers with the best make-up experience possible.