Certificate of Registration

ISO 9001: 2008 - Certificate No.: 110910034

We were one of the first companies in the Asian region to garner our ISO 9001:2008 certification. We worked hard to make sure our operations were in tip-top shape prior to audit and were happy to receive the certification shortly afterward.

After receiving our documentation, we were gratified to see a mix of new and existing clients comment on the security they felt working with a certified company. Many had encountered problems in the past with deadlines or quality, and were reassured by our conscientious attitude to provide them with a demonstrable sign of efficiency.

Since then, we have periodically checked our operations and work-flow to ensure we maintain the same level of professionalism we established then. Insofar as certifications go, it will soon be time for an update as we move into new markets and new challenges. Stay tuned to this space for updates!