• Premium packaging for luxury brands

  • Premium packaging for luxury brands

Our company is committed providing solutions

Though we are a new firm, we feel that our youth and drive are qualities that separate us from other companies in our sector. We have garnered sufficient experience to be able to offer amazing packaging solutions to our customers, but we aren't so set in our ways as to ignore new technologies, processes, and ways of working.

Services & Values

Our primary packaging production lines revolve around colour cosmetic items. We offer a number of standard moulded items such as compacts, lipstick tubes, lipgloss containers, and all sorts of products for the cosmetic space. We have also introduced a line of handy roll on applicator concepts that are perfect for a number of products, including spot treatments, serums, or personal care products.

We believe that we can provide the best full service support in the business, the root of our success thus far. When a client approaches us to create a company's packaging, we approach the project with a blank slate. We can take one of our standard items and customize it to create a stunning piece of packaging or we can work with the customer in order to develop something completely unique. Regardless of the zise of the project, we always follow the same project line: we get to the heart of the company's requirements and transcend their needs, putting all our skill and experience at the service of the brand.


  • H&M
  • avon
  • benefit
  • estee lauder
  • sephora
  • tarte
  • watsons
  • sasa
  • boots
  • nyx
  • rimmel